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17th Asia Pacific Nephrology Conference, will be organized around the theme “Covid -19 outbreak and its effect on kidney patients dialysis and renal system”

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Nephrology is a part of therapeutic science that manages capacity and illnesses of the kidneys and it centers on the finding and treatment of kidney disorders. The kidneys are matched retroperitoneal organs that lie at the dimension of the T12 to L3 vertebral bodies. The kidney has a stringy case, which is encompassed by Para renal fat. The kidney itself can be separated into renal parenchyma, comprising of renal cortex and medulla, and the renal sinus containing renal pelvis, calyces, renal vessels, nerves, lymphatic's and peri-renal fat. The renal parenchyma has two layers: cortex and medulla. The renal cortex lies incidentally under the container while the renal medulla comprises of 10-14 renal pyramids, which are isolated from one another by an augmentation of renal cortex called renal sections. The kidneys serve essential capacities, including filtration and discharge of metabolic waste items (urea and ammonium); guidelines of important electrolytes, liquid, and corrosive base parity; and incitement of red platelet creation. They additionally serve to manage circulatory strain by means of the renin-angiotensin-aldosterone framework, controlling reabsorption of water and keeping up the intravascular volume.


  • Track 1-1Nephrology & Renal Studies
  • Track 1-2Pelvic kidney
  • Track 1-3Artificial kidney
  • Track 1-4Kidney glomerulus podocyte
  • Track 1-5Renal histopathology
  • Track 1-6Multicystic Renal dysplasia & microscopic
  • Track 1-7Medullary Sponge Kidney
  • Track 2-1Disorders of Plasma Osmolality
  • Track 2-2Respiratory and Metabolic Acidosis
  • Track 2-3Electrolyte Disorders in Diabetes Mellitus
  • Track 2-4Hydration in Kidney Disease Prevention
  • Track 2-5Metabolic Alkalosis
  • Track 2-6Disturbances of Plasma Calcium Concentration
  • Track 2-7Electrolyte Disorders in Diabetes Mellitus

\r\n The investigation of pediatric nephrology decides finding and the board of babies with a ceaseless and intense kidney issue. The division of pediatric nephrology evaluates and treats hypertension, hematuria, proteinuria, renal rounded acidosis, nephrolithiasis, glomerulonephritis and kidney harm in kids. It likewise incorporates total consideration to pediatric patients with end arrange kidney disorders, including thought to patients encountering peritoneal dialysis, hemodialysis and kidney transplantation in newborn children.


  • Track 3-1Pediatric Renal Failure
  • Track 3-2Pediatric chronic hemodialysis
  • Track 3-3Advances in Pediatric Kidney Operation
  • Track 3-4Pediatric Renal Transplantation
  • Track 3-5Pediatric Kidney stones
  • Track 3-6Pediatric Renal Nutrition

\r\n The points of this examination were to survey the clinical utility of aggregate and provincial bone densitometry in an extensive nonstop walking peritoneal dialysis (CAPD) populace and to decide the clinical, biochemical, and radiographic factors that best distinguished osteopenic CAPD patients.


\r\n The demonstrative and prognostic legitimacy of sperm work biomarkers is especially applicable for guys with unexplained fruitlessness in which routine semen investigation neglects to identify sub cell sperm dysfunctions. In this general survey, we look at there are a few kinds of intense nephritis. They are Interstitial Nephritis: The spaces between the renal tubules that structure pee winds up kindled. Pyelonephritis: This sort of intense nephritis produces aggravation in the glomeruli. Interstitial Nephritis: This sort is frequently brought about by an unfavorably susceptible response to a prescription or anti-microbial. Most of the nephritis diseases happen from the microscopic organisms Escherichia coli (E.coli), which is found in the digestive system.


  • Track 4-1Clinical Renal Densitometry
  • Track 4-2Urogynecology
  • Track 4-3Acute Nephrosis
  • Track 4-4Interstitial Nephritis and Glomerulonephritis
  • Track 4-5Renal Tubulointerstitial Fibrosis
  • Track 4-6Biomarkers in nephrology

\r\n The diabetic kidney malady some of the time additionally called as diabetic nephropathy is a renal related intricacy more often than not happens in certain individuals with diabetes mellitus. In diabetic nephropathy channels of the kidneys and glomeruli end up harmed. In this condition, the kidneys release an unusual amount of protein from the blood into the pee.


\r\n On the off chance that anybody has diabetes, the blood glucose, or glucose levels are high. For a delayed period, this can harm the kidneys. The job of the kidney is to clean your blood. In the event that they are harmed, waste and liquids aggregate in your blood without leaving from your body.


\r\n On the off chance that the kidney harms by diabetes are called diabetic nephropathy. Normally it begins well before you have seen indications. Its starting indication is a little amount of protein in pee. By pee test, we can distinguish diabetic nephropathy or blood test can likewise decide the working of kidneys


  • Track 5-1Diabetic Nephropathy
  • Track 5-2Diabetic Nephropathy–Biomarkers of Disease
  • Track 5-3Intensive Management of Blood Glucose
  • Track 5-4Genetics of Kidney Disease–Diabetic Kidney Disease
  • Track 5-5Hypertension-Clinical and Experimental Models
  • Track 5-6Complication of diabetes
  • Track 5-7Diabetic diet
  • Track 5-8Hyperbaric medicine
  • Track 5-9Glomerular filtration rate
  • Track 5-10Diabetes Mellitus (Clinical)

 Nephrology Nursing is an arranged endeavor to expand nursing information by the disclosure of new realities through methodical inquiry. It incorporates Improvement in patient consideration, the Reduced expense of kidney care arrangements, Accountability, and insurance against prosecution, in Addition to the current group of nursing learning, Enhancement of nursing as a calling.

Renal consideration nursing is the field of nursing with attention on the most outrageous thought of the discriminatingly debilitated or temperamental incessant kidney patients. Sullying revulsion and nursing thought is the control worried about dismissing nosocomial or wellbeing mindfulness related infection, a utilitarian (rather than academic) sub-request of the investigation of ailment transmission. Newborn children who need to be raised helpful thoughts are routinely yielded into a one of a kind district of the facility called the Neonatal genuine consideration and nursing thought. The piece of sponsorship in separating nursing thought: Critical thought restorative chaperons work in a wide arrangement of settings, filling various parts including bedside clinicians, specialist instructors, therapeutic guardian investigators, medicinal overseer bosses, clinical restorative guardian experts, and medicinal orderly experts. Estimations of Renal Care Nursing's main goal are to give chaperons accurate, current, and relevant information and hotel to surpass desires in separating thought practice.

  • Track 6-1Nurse Educator
  • Track 6-2Nurse researcher
  • Track 6-3Nurse manager
  • Track 6-4Clinical nurse specialist
  • Track 6-5Peritoneal dialysis Nurse
  • Track 6-6Hemodialysis Nurse
  • Track 6-7Office Nurse

Clinical Nephrology covers the end and treating of renal disorders, including essential and optional hypertension and electrolyte unsettling influences, and the consideration of those requiring renal substitution treatment, including dialysis and renal transplant patients. Various illnesses impacting the kidney are foundational disperses not compelled to the organ itself, and may require unprecedented treatment. Delineations join obtained conditions, for instance, fundamental vasculitides and safe framework infections, lupus, and natural or hereditary conditions, for example, polycystic kidney ailments. Patients are alluded to clinical nephrology specialists after a urinalysis, for various reasons, for example, intense kidney disappointment, hematuria, proteinuria, constant kidney maladies, kidney stones, hypertension, and disarranges of corrosive/base or electrolytes.


  • Track 7-1Nephron Clinical Practice
  • Track 7-2Nephritis, Nephrectomy, Nephrotoxicity, Nephronophthisis
  • Track 7-3Kidney care Physicians
  • Track 7-4Stem Cell and Regenerative Nephrology
  • Track 7-5Critical Care Nephrology
  • Track 7-6Thrombotic microangiopathy

Diet and nourishment are a critical piece of living great with a kidney ailment. Patients who are influenced by kidney sickness ought to be increasingly worried about their eating routine and ought to pursue exceptional dietary plans. The diet plan will fluctuate as indicated by the phase of kidney malady. Dialysis facilities will have dieticians who can design the eating regimen of the patient. The dietician will give total direction about day by day admission of nourishment. Typical nourishment plan is that: high admission of protein containing sustenance, less salt, high phosphorous and potassium nourishments. They are additionally encouraged to take safe liquid admission levels. This is on the grounds that additional liquid can expand pulse and make the heart to work more enthusiastically in the long run expanding the worry of dialysis treatment. More measure of sodium (salt) can influence parched and admission of the liquid will to be more. Sustenances like banana, orange, potato, and the dried organic products must have stayed away from. Assessment of sustenance admission, especially protein admission is checked at a standard occasional interim to guarantee the day by day admission of protein which is a critical part for good personal satisfaction. Since dialysis tolerant pursues extraordinary eating routine arrangements, their eating routine may miss a few nutrients. Dialysis additionally expels a few nutrients from the body. The treating doctor must endorse nutrient tablets extraordinarily made for kidney illness patients

  • Track 8-1Blood urea nitrogen
  • Track 8-2Protein Equivalent of Nitrogen Appearance (PNA)
  • Track 8-3Renal Osteodystrophy
  • Track 8-4Nutritional therapy
  • Track 8-5Anemia and Erythropoietin
  • Track 8-6Evaluation of nutritional status
  • Track 8-7Hyperlipidemia

Urology likewise alluded to as genitourinary surgery is part of medication which manages the careful and restorative sickness present in the urinary tract and disease in any piece of the urinary tract is known as urinary tract contamination. Relies upon the spot of contamination it is named in an unexpected way. At the point when the disease occurs in the lower urinary tract then it is called bladder sullying and when the contamination is on the upper urinary tract at that point is alluded to as pyelonephritis. An organ which goes under urology is kidneys, adrenal organs, urethra, uterus, and male regenerative organ. Normal sickness comprises of UTI, Urinary Stones, Urinary incontinence, kindhearted prostatic hyperplasia. The most well-known reason for contamination is Escherichia coli other than microorganism’s organisms can likewise cause the disease. The determination to these contaminations envelops a few tests like urinalysis, pee microscopy. Examination method contrasts to the matured individuals and it additionally troublesome. Albeit urinary framework has a characteristic guard to this disease now and again it neglects to experience. The solution to this contamination is anti-infection agents. Phenazopyridine is endorsed and which helps in diminishing consuming sensation and direness regularly felt amid bladder contamination. Around 150 million individuals create urinary tract contamination every year. Ladies are more contaminated than males. They all the more regularly create bacterial disease and they happen in the age of 16 to 35.


  • Track 9-1Bloodborne infection
  • Track 9-2Bladder Cancer
  • Track 9-3Andrology
  • Track 9-4Laparoscopy
  • Track 9-5Asymptomatic bacteriuria
  • Track 9-6Vesicoureteral Reflux
  • Track 9-7Pathogenesis

Innovative progressions have a ton of effect on personal satisfaction. Life has been improved less complex and. In nephrology, numerous methods have been built up for the making of the counterfeit kidney, and for the medical procedures. Advances like undifferentiated organism procedure in which the human foundational microorganisms can recover the kidney and these immature microorganisms have undeveloped cell banks where it very well may be put away and utilized a few times. New and better headways have been made in careful gear one such model is Laparoscopic Nephrectomy is protected and helps in the expulsion of the sick kidney. Laparoscopic nephrectomy is a negligibly obtrusive medical procedure method, which gives patients great outcomes equal when contrasted with extensive entry point which requires a customary open medical procedure. At the point when contrasted with the ordinary open medical procedure, prior come back to work, a shorter emergency clinic remains and less demanding come back to our day by day exercises make negligibly obtrusive medical procedures one of the favored methods for the medical procedure


  • Track 10-1Conventional dialysis replaced bioartificial technologies
  • Track 10-2Bioengineering approaches
  • Track 10-3Nanotechnology for implantable kidneys
  • Track 10-4Regenerative therapies
  • Track 10-5Laparoscopic Nephrectomy
  • Track 10-6Neobladder Construction
  • Track 10-7Robotic-Assisted Laparoscopic Pyeloplasty

The Kidney is the most ordinarily transplanted organ from a living contributor and the diminished giver transplantation is where the given kidney takes from passed on an individual. Immunosuppressive prescriptions that assistance stifles the insusceptible framework. Pediatric kidney transplantation is acknowledged as the treatment alternative for youngsters with a definite phase of renal sickness. HLA and ABO inconsistent transplantations lead in end-organize kidney sickness people. Hyperintense dismissal, as a rule, happens inside the initial 24 hours after transplantation. Unending intense kidney dismissal happens a very long time to years following transplantation. Nephrology treatment will rely upon the phase of kidney infections. Stages one, two and three can generally be dealt with. Treatment includes making changes to the way of life and, sometimes, taking a drug to control the circulatory strain and lower your blood cholesterol levels. This should help anticipate further harm to the kidneys and course. Immunologic deregulation prompts the improvement of immune system sicknesses both restricted to the kidney or as a component of foundational ailment. These incorporate essential glomerular infections and interstitial nephritis.


  • Track 11-1Kidney donors
  • Track 11-2Hematopoiesis
  • Track 11-3Renal Pathology
  • Track 11-4Platelet dysfunction
  • Track 11-5Proteinuria
  • Track 11-6Renal replacement therapy
  • Track 11-7Kidney Biopsy
  • Track 11-8Kidney Transplantation recipients

Onconephrology is a rising subspecialty of nephrology. "The American Society of Nephrology (ASN) made an exchange focused on the field of Onconephrology in 2011 to improve cooperative consideration after danger patients with kidney disease." Randomized controlled preliminaries in a subspecialty like Onconephrology must be conceivable when there is a joint effort among nephrologists and malignancy doctors from malignant growth bases on the world that connect and share explore thoughts at worldwide gatherings. This has driven nephrologists to experience new and somewhat unrecognized medications of the focused on treatment specialists with kidney unfriendly impacts. These operators fall chiefly into 2 classes influencing the vascular endothelial development factor and endothelial development factor pathways. An energizing time in the conclusion and treatment of malignant growth has risen over the most recent 2 decades. What was at one time a frequently dangerous malady has, for some, patients, turned into a ceaseless ailment with longer survival than any time in recent memory? Be that as it may, with the prolongation of life there are also related entanglements, for instance, constant kidney malady (CKD). This infection has impacts on the patients' medicines, measurements of drugs, personal satisfaction, and generally speaking survival. Nephritis is irritation of the kidney the most critical predominant to intense nephritis is glomerulonephritis. Pyelonephritis effects in grown-ups more than youngsters and it is perceived as irritation of the kidney and upper urinary tract. The third sort of nephritis is genetic nephritis, an uncommon acquired condition.


  • Track 12-1Tuberous Sclerosis (TS)
  • Track 12-2Chemotherapy
  • Track 12-3Renal Cell Carcinoma and Types
  • Track 12-4Urinalysis
  • Track 12-5Prostate Cancer
  • Track 12-6Von Hippel-Lindau Syndrome (VHL)
  • Track 12-7Bladder Cancer
  • Track 12-8Immunotherapy

The disorder of protein-vitality squandering comprises of nourishing and metabolic variations from the norm seen in unending kidney sickness. Keep up a sound way of life is basic for individuals with renal disarranges, particularly on the off chance that you have hypertension, diabetes, or both. Control and keep up of good blood glucose can avoid or delay diabetic entanglements, including kidney malady. What you eat and drink may help moderate down kidney malady. Dietitian can control you how to choose nourishments that are simpler on your kidneys about protein, potassium, phosphorus, sodium, and how to peruse sustenance pamphlets and names.


  • Track 13-1Nutrition Therapy
  • Track 13-2Diet with Kidney Failure
  • Track 13-3Loss of Kidney Function Linked to Obesity
  • Track 13-4Chronic Kidney Disease Diet
  • Track 13-5Renal Supplements and Fluid Intake
  • Track 13-6Low Sodium and Potassium
  • Track 13-7Low Phosphorous and Protein Diet
  • Track 13-8Renal Dietitians

Under this class incorporates ailments of the urinary framework, prostate organ including the kidneys and bladder. The bladder or urethra generally affected in urinary tract contaminations, yet progressively real and genuine diseases incorporate the kidney. A bladder sickness may realize pelvic torment, extended tendency to pee, torment with pee and blood in the pee. Renal disease may achieve back desolation, affliction, hurling, and fever

  • Track 14-1Urethritis
  • Track 14-2Obstruction of the Urinary Tract
  • Track 14-3Disorders of Kidney Tubules
  • Track 14-4Diagnosis of Kidney and Urinary Tract Disorders
  • Track 14-5Cystic Kidney Disorders
  • Track 14-6Cancers of the Kidney and Genitourinary Tract
  • Track 14-7Stones in the Urinary Tract

Hemodialysis: Hemodialysis required with the patients of renal disappointment. In this procedure of hemodialysis, a fake kidney cleans the blood. We should make a "get to," for the most part in the lower arm where blood can without much of a stretch be taken from the body and sent to the fake kidney for cleansing. The entrance gathers blood from the patient body and experiences cleansing in counterfeit kidney and again infused the decontaminated blood into the quiet body.

Peritoneal dialysis: In peritoneal dialysis, no fake kidney is utilized. The peritoneum (lining inside your stomach area) is utilized as a channel rather than a counterfeit kidney. Peritoneal dialysis is of two kinds they are constant cycling peritoneal dialysis and persistent mobile peritoneal dialysis. Peritoneal dialysis is utilized in kidney disappointment patients.


  • Track 15-1Extracorporeal Dialysis: Techniques, Adequacy, and Complications
  • Track 15-2Palliative Care for CKD/ESRD
  • Track 15-3Conservative Management of Advanced CKD (Vs. Dialysis)
  • Track 15-4Bone and Mineral Metabolism (CKD 5D)
  • Track 15-5Transplantation: Basic Science and Immune Tolerance
  • Track 15-6Epidemiology, Outcomes and Health Services Research in Dialysis
  • Track 15-7Hemodialysis